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Destined To Be A Classic! The latest addition to classic card games that’s simple, entertaining, challenging & fun! Developed in the classic tradition of all great card games, 5 Speed Revenge combines the elements of strategy, simplicity & fun for the whole bunch, family & friends!

5 Speed Revenge is a game that absorbs time and involves the player to the point where time is forgotten and game-play is the objective of the moment! What makes a new game a lasting classic? The ability to draw players back, day after day, with new challenges and excitement and 5 Speed Revenge has these elements!

5 Speed Revenge offers an addictive strategy game that you'll play over and over! Ease of learning and simplicity of game play, coupled with an endless variety of racing strategies makes for countless hours of lasting entertainment for every player! Inspired by years of card game-play, 5 Speed Revenge was developed with the player in mind.

Game Contents:
 Cards ■ Rules

Ages 7+ ■ 2+ Players

5 Speed Revenge©A. Munoz

The packaging design & layout graphics for 5 Speed Revenge were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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