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ALIEN RUN - Race for Riches

Far on the outer rim of space a new planet has been discovered! Chaos abounds and every species of alien wants this planet for their colony.

A race, known as ‘Alien Run' has been declared and the winner gets the right to colonize the new planet. During the race each player can be detoured by an opponent. Think you have a plan? Think again! A Trump Card, Mystery Card, or landing on a wormhole may send you into a galactic U-turn.

The secret of success is strategy. The competition is fierce but the reward is great. Who will win the rights to colonize this new planet?

1 Game Board 30 Mystery Cards 9 Trump Cards 8 Menu Cards 5 Orb Money Denominations 8 Game Players 1 Red 6-Sided Die 2 White 6-Sided Dice Easy Play Instructions

Ages 4+ ■ 2-8 Players 

Alien Run©B. Klinker

The packaging design & layout graphics for Alien Run were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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Alien Run Game, Race for Riches, Area 51, Orbs, Worm Holes, Mystery, Trump Cards, Alien Monsters