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AMASSER DRAGONS (Fantasy Adventure Game, RPG Adventure)

Amasser Dragons is a fantasy adventure game that lets you be the dragon you have always wanted to play.  Gold and treasure is everywhere and you have to be cunning and ruthless enough to beat the other dragons to it.  Venture forth and let your greed consume you as you amass your treasure hoard.

Contains: 10 Dragon Cards ■ 10 Dragon Markers ■ 10 Dragon Tiles ■ 16 Terrain Tiles ■ 100 Encounter Tiles ■ 240 Gold Coins ■ 110 Playing Cards ■ 20 6•Sided Dice ■ 48 Small Markers ■ 6 What to Do on Your Turn Cards ■ 6 Gold Collection Cups ■ 1 Rule Booklet

2-6 Players ■ Ages 18+ ■ 60-90 Minutes

Amasser Dragons©ShawnSolo Games, LLC.

The packaging design & layout graphics for Amasser Dragons were created by MJS CREATIONS. If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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Amasser Dragons Fantasy Adventure Game, RPG Adventure Gamer Product. Become the Dragon! Find Gold, Treasure Horde, Loot and Pillage