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WHAT IS ASLINGO?  ASLingo is an exciting and challenging game for everybody! It is played just like any other bingo game. 

ASLingo is perfect for learning and playing in American Sign Language (ASL) classes at high schools, universities, or Deaf Studies programs. This is also a fun game for families at home or in vehicles! Everybody gets to laugh and enjoy the game together. 

The words are signed in ASL after following the pictorial hand shapes on the cards. While having fun, signing skills are being practiced. This hands-on activity makes learning ASL easy! 

Also, it is an excellent way for the deaf kids to be exposed to new vocabulary while playing ASLingo. It is best if played with a deaf native signer or a qualified hearing signer. However, hearing people with minimal signing experience can play effectively when using an ASL dictionary, sign language book or ASL video as a reference. 

This game is great for EVERYBODY! Age 5 and up ■ 2-8 players ■ Level 1 Sign Language

ASLingo©Becky Gage.

All of the graphics for ASLINGO were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us


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