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Hail Caesar, We Who Are About to Die Salute You!

Glory Through Strength:
this is the mantra of the gladiator. In a game where any moment could be your last, you must use every advantage with intelligence and skill. In that spirit, know now what makes Gladiators one of the most exciting games you’ll ever play:

Know Your Gladiator:
- There are 12 playable gladiators, each with their own unique fighting style and skills. From crazed barbarians to crafty animal trainers, Gladiators has a character for you.
- Tactical decisions are important: attacking from the front makes the crowd cheer and lavish you with Glory. Attacking from the back, while cowardly, is more powerful. You win by earning Glory through your bravery, or by dispatching opponents without remorse. The choice is yours, gladiator.

Roll the Bones
- Gladiators’ special combat dice power everything you do; rolls give you a pool of symbols representing attack, defense, movement, and skillfulness. These symbols let you know what you can do at a glance. This simple system makes for an action-packed game worthy of the Arena.

Be Skillful…

- Your gladiator comes alive through their fighting style and skills. Trap rivals in your net with the versatile Retiarius, or slam them to the ground with the
powerful Murmillo. Skills give you tons of options, and will keep you coming
back for more!

Because You’ve Trained for This

- Gladiators learn many moves while training. These are represented by Action cards.
- You build and alter your deck of Action cards both during a match and between matches. This makes every game of Gladiators different, with long-term strategy to match its heart-pounding action!

Win Over the Crowd

- In Gladiators, you gain rewards for pleasing the crowd, and punishments if you don’t.
- When you gain Crowd Favor, even your rivals must applaud…
or be torn apart by your fans.

Live in Glory, or Die Gloriously
Win or lose, a gladiator is favored by the gods. Only by playing Gladiators can you ensure your ever-lasting fame!

Game Contents: 1 Game Board ■ 12 Figurines ■ 12 Character Cards ■ 4 Tracking Cards ■ 3 Twelve-Sided Arena Dice ■ 12 Six-Sided Battle Dice ■ 5 Offense Dice ■ 4 Defense Dice ■ 3 Bonus Dice ■ 55 Action Cards ■ 24 Enemy Cards ■ 22 Mystery cards ■ 7 Crowd Cards ■ 1 Crowd Favor Trophy ■ Tokens (30 Wound, 20 Bonus, 15 Mystery, 4 Glory-Tracking).

Ages 14+
2-5 Gladiators

Gladiators©G. Rawlings & P. Combatalade

The packaging design & layout graphics for Gladiators were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us


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