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Advance through each round by impressing the “Crowd” with music selections from your personal collection. Each round presents a different musical challenge that you must overcome, requiring you to play songs from different genres to please the “Crowd.” If the “Crowd” approves of your music selection, you progress to the next, more difficult venue to test your DJ prowess. If not, you are relegated back to your Parents' Basement to brush up on your DJ skills.

Compete against your friends to settle once and for all who has the best taste in music and who shall be the victor in your own Jukebox Wars.

Game Contents:
 Jukebox Wars Game Board ■ 6 Game Pieces ■ 3 decks of Request Cards ■ Timer ■ Die
(Note: Music selections and a sound system are not provided and are required to play this game.)

Ages 10+ ■ 3+ Players

Jukebox Wars©Basement Entertainment, LLC.

The packaging design & layout graphics for Jukebox Wars were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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