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The object of the game is as follows: (1) purchase various Malibu properties; (2) collect rent from the other players; (3) acquire the most money.
When a player cannot pay his/her bills, that player then declares insolvency and is eliminated from the game. The winner is the player with the most money after all other players have been eliminated. If You Like Monopoly...You'll Love MALIBU!

Contains: 1 Game Board ■ 20 Fame Cards ■ 20 Fortune Cards ■ 1 Money Pack ■ 1 Money Tray ■ 26 Property Cards ■ 1 DUI Arrest Pad ■ 20 Villas ■ 20 Mansions ■ 2 Dice ■ 1 Lottery Wheel ■ 6 Metal Game Pieces (Surfer, Dolphin, Sun Glasses, Sandals, Paddle Boarder, Surf Car)

2+ Players ■ Ages 13+

MALIBU Game of Fame and Fortune©2016 Malibu Games, Inc.

The packaging design & layout graphics for MALIBU Game of Fame and Fortune were created by MJS CREATIONS. If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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MALIBU Game of Fame and Fortune, beach games, malibu california coast board game