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This educational game is set in the late Middle Ages (1000-1500 AD).  You are a knight from a distant kingdom seeking to make an alliance with the wealthy kingdom of Agrafor.

To win the King's favor, you are bringing gifts to present to him, but beware: the king's head guard is overly protective. If he catches you in the castle, he will evict you.

The first player to get to the king's throne and present their gifts wins the game.

You will receive a mission card that tells you what items to collect as gifts for the king of Agrafor. Included in your gift will be armor, a well-crafted weapon, a luxury item from the East, and a work of fine art (a painting, engraving, mosaic or sculpture).

Ages 9 and Up ■ 2 to 4 players

Medieval Alliance©Jett Educational Games, LLC.

All of the graphics and package design for Medieval Alliance were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us

Graphic design and packaging by MJS CREATIONS

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