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The high finance board game of buying, selling, and trading stocks to become the wealthiest player.  Build and merge companies while attempting to gain majority stock interest.

Live in the world of fun and fortune as you maneuver to outwit your opponents with skill and a little luck. 

Game Contents:
■ 1 Game board
■ 182 Hexagon Tiles
■ 14 Company Tiles
■ 350 Stock Certificates
■ 6 Information Cards
■ 4 Denominations of Currency
■ 6 Tile Holders
■ 1 Tile bag
■ 1 Set of Instructions

Ages 13+ ■ 3-6 Players

 MEGAcquire¬©L. Solon

The packaging design & layout graphics for MEGAcquire were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us


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