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Two hundred years ago Captain Highliner buried a treasure chest on an island, which he planned to dig up later on for his retirement. Unfortunately the scurvy dog was hanged for overfishing.

Before he died he drew four treasure maps. Three maps are fakes and only one is the real map of the treasure site.

Now, twenty years later four notorious pirates (Captain Bluebeard, Billy Bones, Captain Kidd and Black Bart) set sail for the island: each with a map of a treasure site. All four pirates arrive at the island at the same time.

Contains: 1 Game Board ■ 5 decks of Cards ■ Score Pad ■ 10 Pawns ■ 2 Dice ■ Rules

Ages 8+ ■ 2+ Players

Pirates Plunder©P. Gibbens

The packaging design & layout graphics for Pirates' Plunder were created by MJS CREATIONS except the game board & score pad. If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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