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The object of Playas In The Hood Is to become the #1 playa and NOT get stuck in the Hood!

The Playas maneuver their way around the Hood buying products and services from the businesses in the Shopping Plaza. Playas can go to work, end up on Well-Fair and own their own businesses, but don't get busted by Well-Fair!

Don't hang out on the corner Lookin' & Waitin' cuz the cops might think you are the Purse Snatcher, and off you'll go to the Just-Us Center.

If a Playa pulls a Stuck In The Hood! card, he can give it to another playa if Big Mamma tell him to. You may have earned a community award, and helped out at the Weep No-Mo Sanctuary Hall, so you'll be Movin'-On-Up! This card can help you WIN! If you visit the Corner Bar, Happy Hour is all day, so don't doze off cause your shoes might be gone, your bar bill padded, or you could end up at the Git-Yoself-Together Re-Hab House.

The Playas can play their numbers at Ahabs Food Center and have a chance to win the big Jack-Pot-Lot-O if their lucky. They can go to Nia City College and learn about Kwanzaa to not end up Stuck in the Hood.

However you choose to win remember... PLAYA, WHEN YOU GIT BROKE, YOU OUT DA GAME!

For ages 18 up ■ 3-6 playas

Playas in the Hood©ATIZA Enterprises Inc.

All of the graphics and game design for PLAYAS IN THE HOOD were created by MJS CREATIONS.  If you would like to order this game, please contact us

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