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Answer an English question, roll the dice and move your player piece along the colorful fun filled game board.

Speak and Play is the ultimate tool for young learners of ESL. It allows each player to study English effectively and have fun at the same time.

The game board consists of 36 spaces that include pictures of animated characters representing 24 essential verbs.

The best part about Speak and Play is that it enables the teacher to easily make questions using the animated characters or use an ESL textbook if he or she chooses.

The object of Speak and Play is simple. The student with the most points at the end of the allocated class time is the winner of the game.

If you are seeking an activity that is both entertaining and educational for young learners of ESL then Speak and Play is your answer!

For ages 5 and up ■ 2-6 Players

Speak and Play©Speak and Play.

All of the package design for Speak and Play was created by MJS CREATIONS, including the English Learning Tools logo (ELT on bottom right)!  If you would like to order this game, please contact us


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