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Call MJS Creations for all your presentation needs!

From Scribble on a Page to Presentations with Impact That Will Get It Done Professionally! 

MJS CREATIONS has the experience for communicating your ideas! Today’s highly competitive markets are constantly changing and growing. 

Stay ahead with a presentation that's fresh and has impact.  We have the experienced knowledge for presentation design.

We offer customized design for Business Engagements, Holiday Parties, Celebration Events, and much more. Contact us with any questions!

View Some of Our Presentation Designs (click here)

SCREEN SHOWS - Need flexibility to make up to the minute revisions? Screen Shows may be your answer. As with 35mm slides, attention must be given to ensure the results of a screen show presentation. MJS CREATIONS does it all for you. The benefit of screen shows are that they save you money and you can make those late night or up to the minute revisions. 

OVERHEAD TRANSPARENCIES - MJS CREATIONS has the experience for effective color for communicating your goals through overhead transparencies. Overheads are very different from 35mm slides or screen shows. With our knowledge and experience with overheads, we create effective presentations for any meeting. The benefit of overheads are that most meeting places have overhead projectors and you can write comments onto the page to show any additions.

POSTERS - MJS CREATIONS produces posters that have the impact for all your business needs. Display company or business announcements and/or sales meetings with a poster. Display this quarter's financial numbers! Or just announce the kick-off to your next project! Let us make directional signs to enhance your presentation's message.

PRESENTATIONS GRAPHICS - Along with your presentation, MJS CREATIONS creates effective graphics to enhance your presentation for maximum impact. Let us create fresh, custom images to enhance your presentation. 

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