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    Who are we? We are MJS Creations!

    MJS Creations has over 30+ years of design & print experience starting in 1989 as a small design company in Staten Island, New York.

    Learning graphics from when they first were introduced on the computer, and attending The School of Visual Arts in NYC as well as the College of Staten Island, owner Michael Spahitz, being a visionary, saw this as the way of the future for the design & print world (even before his art teachers). All work for the company was to be either created or finalized as computer art, even hand drawn artwork being scanned adjusted!

    Later, also being a visionary of the future of the web, creating websites was another no brainer that Michael saw in the future.

    Now media for the future, as well as the print world that will still remain for a long time, the company continues to look and grow toward new platforms of design.

    Think outside the triangle...and become one of our many satisfied customers. We look forward to working with you!


    Founder, CEO, COO, Sales, Design, Creative Thinker


    Quotes Assistant, Warehouse Manager


    Quotes Assistant, Billing, Design, Creative Thinker


    Design, Creative Thinker


    Design, Creative Thinker


    Accounting Wizard & Billing Calculator


    Warehouse/Order Fulfullment


    Warehouse/Order Fulfullment


    Technical Guru, Server Guardian


    Creative ideas that make us grow as creatives, help you with better results.


    Find and observe the world from different views, to show us other possibilities.


    Computer generated artwork (and well as conventional art) for print and video created from deep thoughts.


    Building different but simple websites in a unique way that will help to sell your product.